35 HP
35 mm deep
Current Draw
100 mA +12V
100 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$305 Price in €

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Specs are approved by the manufacturer

6 Channel Mixer

As probably many of you know the MIX BX (like our PRE BX channel strip) is based on a very popular mixer used by techno artists in the nineties and loved for its specific sound.

Tech specs:
- 35HP front panel
- 35mm depth behind front panel including the power connector
- 6 mono input jacks ( 1 per channel)
- Pot controls for channels : Gain, Hi, Low, Aux1 send, Aux2 send, Pan, Volume
- 6 mute switches (1 per channel)
- Pot controls for master : Master Level, Headphone Level, Aux1 Return, Aux2 Return
- 2 x mono aux send jacks
- 4 mono input jacks for two stereo Aux returns
- 2 jacks for master left and right out
- one 3.5mm stereo jack for headphone out
- boxed 10 pin euro power (+12V / -12V)

  • Input Level from -50dBm to -10dBm
  • EQ Hi +-10dBm/10kHz shelf type
  • EQ Low +-10dBm/100Hz shelf type
  • Output Level 20Vpp


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