12 HP
26 mm deep
Current Draw
20 mA +12V
27 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$210 Price in €

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OB-Xa Filter Adaptation for Eurorack

The XaVCF is a faithful adaptation of the OB-Xa filter in Eurorack with added features.

As with the original, the XaVCF has two filter circuits to choose from! The heart of both designs having each its own Alfa reissue AS3320 chip. The XaVCF has the original Modes: a 4-Pole standard Lowpass circuit, and a 2-Pole Lowpass derived from a State-Variable circuit. Additionally there are 1-Pole Bandpass and Lowpass modes not available on the original!

Both filter circuits on the XaVCF not only have musical self-oscillating resonance w/ CV control, but the frequency cutoff can be tracked V/Oct using the CV2 input jack. In this way the XaVCF can be used as a sine wave oscillator. Unlike some older classic filter designs, the XaVCF retains a lot of low end at higher resonance.

The XaVCF is drenched in that fat and creamy wall of sound you’ll not soon forget. Are you ready for the Xa experience?

* Two selectable filter circuit configuration Types: Type I-SVF 2-Pole Lowpass, and Type II 4-Pole Lowpass.
* Additional Modes: Type I 1-Pole Bandpass, Type II 1-Pole Lowpass
* Two voltage controlled input jacks for Frequency CUTOFF w/ signal attenuators. CV1 is an extended range input capable of providing some boost to weaker control signals. The CV2 input will track V/Oct when its pot is fully CW.
* A voltage controlled input jack for RESONANCE w/ a signal attenuator CV3.
* Two audio signal input jacks w/ individual attenuators. Above midpoint, these inputs can overdrive the filter from most Eurorack oscillators and audio sources. This is especially useful in Bandpass Mode to compensate its weaker audio output signal.

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