MIDI to CV converter.

The ACXSynth MIDI2CV is a simple to build DIY MIDI to CV/Gate interface. Available only as DIY kit.

This module circuit was developed by Alain Coupel of ACXSynth.
The 2013 firmware (v4) is made by Alain Coupel.
The 2014 firmware (v5) is made by Dmitry Shtatnov.

Module provides three modes: 4-voice monophopnic, polyphonic and multichannel.
DAC resolution is 12-bit, range is 7 octaves.

While in Monophonic mode, there also available logical outs for Trigger and sequencer events and CV outputs for note velocity and modulation.

2014 firmware having lot of improves can be downloaded here
This new firmware is made by SSSR Labs.


  • 32 mA +12V
  • 17 mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 55 mm deep
  • Ø 4.29 (21 Votes) Average Rating

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is discontinued.

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