12 HP
60 mm deep
Current Draw
5000 mA +12V
32 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$3,999 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

pro audio analog voltage-controlled rubber chicken

Revolutionising Audio Synthesis As We Know It

The Mutant Chicken builds on the legacy of the Mutant Drums series and brings something revolutionary to the audio technology market. This module is sure to introduce a new paradigm to modern music production techniques.

  • All-analog Squawk Sound Engine
  • No microcontrollers or digital emulation present; the Mutant Chicken actually chooches a real chicken for that pure, analog tone!
  • Just like the other Mutant Drums, there is a eurorack-compatible Trigger input to activate the chicken. Longer gate durations mean longer squawks.
  • A hi-fidelity mic capsule buried in the depths of the chicken's body captures all of this analog warmth and amplifies it up to modular-levels for processing through your eurorack system at the SQWK OUT jack.
  • Pneumatically-driven for maximum power; a massive tank means you should never run out of Squawk energy.
  • Over 300 lumens of Voltage-controlled Radiance to Accompany Your Performances
  • Utilising high-power modern LED technology, the Mutant Chicken features 9watts of voltage-controlled LED power for sensory feedback! A custom driver circuit takes eurorack level signals and converts them into up to 300 lumens of radiant luminosity.
  • New Old Stock analog opto-isolator (vactrol) technology adds that distinctive analog slew to the Brilliance CV, while also protecting your modular system from complete destruction.

The Design Journey

Research and development of the Mutant Chicken has been quite a journey, spanning years of intense research and development. There were times when the whole project seemed in doubt and only bloody-minded commitment kept us going.

Here are a few moments from the long and arduous path to this, our most ambitious project yet (this video contains heightened emotions and some bad language)...


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