Quantizer, chord generator, arpeggiator and chord progression sequencer

Sinfonion is a three channel quantizer, a four voiced chord generator, and an arpeggiator - making altogether 8 pitch outputs. It‘s driven by an STM32F466 running at 180MHz. This allows for quantization latency of roughly 500us - despite its complex algorithms.

There are three major innovations which make this module very unique:

  1. Quantizers, chords and arpeggio all are combined in one module and share the same scale/chords.
  2. A builtin sequencer for chord progressions (not for melodies)
  3. A unique performance interface (lots of buttons!) that allows the selection of logical chord tones individually per channel.

Especially 3 is fun. You can e.g. set channel 1 to just play root and fifth while the chord section outputs 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th of the current chord and the arpeggio plays root, 7th and 9th.

Adding and removing notes is just one fingertip and you will never be out of scale - regardless how simple or complex your chord progressions are. This allows for quick live changes - especially if you didn‘t study jazz piano at Berkeley ;-)

The scale selection is based on choosing a root note and a chord/scale. Since there are so many supported scales they are grouped into „modes“ and are ordered from simple to bizzare. Simply turn the knobs, listen to the sound and select what you like.

Custom „scales“ cannot be programmed, but can be simulated by choosing one of the builtin scales and using the buttons to further adapt it. The user interface is so different from classical quantizers that there is no big need of custom scales though...

BTW: It‘s even useful to feed the output of a sequencer through the sinfonion. It can then transpose and reharmonise your melodies to match the chord progression.

An easily accessable tuning mode (dedicated button) allows an easy tuning of your up to eight voiced.

Sinfonion supports just intonation.

And there are lots of fixed and also six freely assignable inputs and outputs for lots of interesting integration into your patch.

Conclusion: Sinfonion manages up to eight voices in a convenient and musical way with much support for live interaction.

  • 70 mA +12V
  • 40 mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 27 mm deep

This Module is discontinued.

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