StrongPWR - Micro and powerful 4TE, 45W supply by KonstantLab

StrongPWR is powerful, low noise, highly efficiency and low weight power supply solution for use eurorack systems and portable eurorack cases.

Front panel contains a USB connector for charging smartphone, tablet, supply light lamp or external sequencer.
In normal operation mode when the power switch is ON, LEDs are light on green. LEDs goes out when some rail is overload or short.
If you use only one power distribution board, please connect it to StrongPWR with two cables. This solution has lower resistance on connectors and lower loses. Panel is made from high quality CNC milled anodized aluminium. Many electronic parts are SMD type. StrongPWR is made from quality PCB with cooper thickness of 70um, which ensures reliability of StrongPWR and minimal losses on PCB routes.

We recommend Mean well GSM60A18-P1J power brick for one module. If you need more power, you can use two StrongPWR modules, easily connect it together via our chain power cable and feed it with only one power brick (MW GST120A20-P1M).

Manufacturing KonstantLab - Slovakia / Europe

Technical parameters:

Power: 45W

Width: 4HP

Outputs: +12V / 2A
-12V / 1.2A
+5V / 1.5A

Output stability: ±1% for 0-100% load

Input: 18V ( 16V - 20V) - recommended power brick: Mean Well GSM60A18

Depth: 32mm

Weight: 55 g

Output Connectors: 2x 16 pin IDC for flat cable
USB for +5V (for charging smartphone, tablet, supply light lamp or external sequencer.)

Input connectors: 2x DC input (center positive) 5,5 x 2.1
possibility of chaining power supplies

Protections: Input overvoltage
Input reverse polarity
Output overvoltage
Output short current – automatic recovery
Output over current – automatic recovery
All output protections are independent for each rail

Efficiency: 92%

Other: 70µm cooper thickness on PCB
Input filter on each regulator for minimal output noise and interferences
LEDs indicate present and drop of output voltage.
Aluminum panel

Accessories: 2 pcs ribbon flat cable (20cm)
2 pcs screw with plastic washer

  • Module does not draw current
  • 32 mm deep
  • Ø 5.00 (2 Votes) Average Rating

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$165 Price in €
4 HP Power
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