10 HP
40 mm deep
Current Draw
130 mA +12V
70 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$350 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

DC coupled mute/switch with synchronous grouped switching

8 channel mute for audio, gate/trigger and CV with toggle buttons and a grouping feature.
Created for trigger mutes in performance setups with drum modules etc. but there is no reason not to mute the gate of a synth voice, the clock to a sequencer, the audio output of a device or the send path to an effect.

synchronous toggle feature
Toggle multiple channels at the same time (mute on or off) either on the release of the "Group" button or when in "sync mode" at fixed point of the beat. The sync moment can be chosen while holding the sync button.
The sync selection is:
*quarter note (a.k.a. always start with the kick after the break)
*half note (a.k.a. never start with clap on 2)
*bar (a.k.a. get the rest in line too)
*2 bars
*4 bars (a.k.a. free both hands to modulate something else in the break)
*8 bars (a.k.a. go and get your beer until something happens)

Special Group-Hold mode: when activated will separate the "group" selection from the toggling so you can prepare first and later only need to press group again to do the mute/unmute action.

Sync information is derived from the MIDI input or DIN-SYNC (switch on the backside of the module) or 16th notes clock + reset.

The MIDI input is 3.5mm stereo TRS, with our own invented auto-crossover (directly connect either Korg-like OR Arturial-like 3.5mm MIDI out with a cheap standard cable).

Built-In MIDI to Trigger/Gate converter: If you do not plug in a signal to the trigger input you can use the internal trigger converter.
There is a MIDI learn mode you can access during startup, so you can assign notes to the 8 channels.

Multiple modules can be linked inside the rack so the "group" button only need to be pushed on one module.

Expanders available:
*Alternate input expander in 2HP, switch A/B instead of muting

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