11 HP
23 mm deep
Current Draw
51 mA +12V
27 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$125 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

A continuous variable state filter of 2 & 4 poles

Say hello to the new Magerit CANAL, a continuous variable state filter of 2 & 4 poles. It could be a large definition of this new VCF, but in a few seconds we will explain why and what makes this module an unique filter.

First of all, the new Magerit CANAL has the classic controls of any VCF, such as the CUTOFF frequency control, the RESONANCE and their respective CV controls. Regarding the frequency control, there is a FM input with an attenuverter and a V / OCT input. This module is self-oscillating, so it can run as an oscillator and produce sound even when no input is connected. Its frequency can be tuned to volts per octave (thanks to its V/OCT input). The CV input of the RESONANCE has an attenuator as an add-on.

In the center of the panel there is a switch. By pressing it we can alternate the filter’s “SLOPE” between 2 and 4 poles. When 4-pole-mode is selected, the red led will light up.

This module has two outputs, each one with a different and independent response… Well, here we can find Magerit CANAL’s magic. We mentioned earlier that it is a continuous variable state filter. The “variable” term means that you can change its response between LOW PASS, BAND PASS, HIGH PASS and all the responses in between, all smoothly interpolated. And “continuous” refers to the fact that these responses can be constantly changed, even live, using the SHAPE potentiometers (MU and LAMBDA respective to their output). As if that were not enough, CANAL has CV inputs to change these responses. When a jack is connected, the potentiometer will act as an attenuverter of the input signal.


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