Polyphonic MIDI to CV converter

Main Features

Control 4 CV synths as one 4 voice Polysynth
Or, play them all at once in Unison
16 note arpeggiator that doubles as a 16 note digital sequencer
4 pitch CVs, 4 gates
Velocity, Mod Wheel, Controller 55, and 56 CV outputs
Accent, Global Gate, Clock In and Clock Out digital IOs
MIDI Out transmits Arpeggiator as MIDI notes.
2 Multiples
Hold, Mode, Range, Note Retrig

Simple to use, it’s the perfect way to have MIDI control over 4 CV synths, to play together as one poly synth.

Connect to 4 mono synths, e.g. Analogue Solutions Nyborg

Or, connect to Eurorack modules set up as 4 synth voices.

The Arpeggiator has no nonsense operation harking back to the days of early Roland synths such as the Jupiter 8 and SH101.

The Arpeggiator can also be used as a simple 16 note step sequencer. The arpeggiator also plays back the velocity amount that was used.

The Arpeggiator will control CV synths, but the note info is also sent to the MIDI Out socket as MIDI notes, so you can have it play a MIDI synth.


  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 120 mm deep

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