8 HP
Current Draw
30 mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$111 Price in €

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Analogue snare drum

The Snare-522 Module contains an enhanced circuit of the MFB-522 and Tanzbär Lite. You can edit and modulate the sound in a wide range.
As modular concept you have the possibility to control the parameter SNAP, SNAP DECAY. TUNE and TONE via CV-signals from Envelopes, LFOs and Step Sequencers.
The parameters are in detail:
SNAP is the intensity of the noise floor.
SNAP DECAY is the release time of the noise up to two seconds.
TUNE sets the der Bereich beträgt ca. 100 bis 300 Hz.
TONE controls the mix betwen the two t-bridge filters. DECAY sets the release of the snares tone.
Beside sequencer generated analog and digital trigger-signals, drum pads, piezo pickups and dynamic mics may also be used. Here the SENS controls allow individual adjustment of the input sensitivity. Dynamic triggers also change the volume, tone lenght and snap of the snare drum.
The module provides the new developed M-Bus connection. Midi signals can control following destinations:
Trigger MIDI Note #38 or #40, switchable, with velocity. Controller values for Mix, Decay, Tune, Pitch, Noise and Noise Decay.

  • analogue Snare Drum like MFB-522 and Tanzbär Lite
  • Snap, Snap Decay, Tune and Ton controllable by CV
  • Decay parameter
  • dynamischer Triggereingang
  • new M-Bus connection for faster workflow


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