Wave Freaker

Turns a Triangle or Sine Wave Into a Harmonic-Rich Waveform

If you're looking for some new waveforms for your synth you've definitely come to the right place. This circuit takes a triangle or sine wave (or other non-square wave) and allows you to turn it progressively inside out yielding a totally cool sound (peak inversion). Additionally the triangle, sine (or ramp/saw) is converted to what I refer to as a step waveform which has a cool hollow harmonic-rich type of sound. The modified triangle or sine wave output is further enhanced by the addition of a mixer for pulse wave, sub octave square wave and sub-sub octave square wave for very interesting harmonic rich sounds. You'll love the dry sounds you get but when put through a resonant filter your ears will get a real treat. Finally some new waveshapes beyond sine, tri, ramp, saw and square.


  • 39 mA +12V
  • 28 mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
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Module is available as a DIY project only.

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12 HP Waveshaper
submitted May 23rd 2016, 10:48 by djboger | last Change Mar 22nd 2017, 01:15 by djboger

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