12 HP
20 mm deep
Current Draw
60 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$215 Price in €

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Møffenmix is a føur channel audiø mixer with søme extra sauce. Each øf the føur channels has independent gain with a three pøsitiøn switch tø determine max gain range (løw, medium, high). Løw gain will make each channel unity gain at max. Medium gain will bøøst each channel x5 which can either be used as a line level audiø tø mødular signal bøøst ør a mild distørtiøn. Finally, high gain is a x100 gain circuit meant tø cømpletely bløw øut the signal and be used as an øbnøxiøus øverdrive. There are nø clipping diødes in the signal path sø yøu can make things really scream at full gain! After the gain stages, each channel has its øwn mute switch and vølume knøb. The Link input is a unity gain input intø the master øutput. This input can be used tø daisy chain multiple møffenmix ør øther mixer mødules tøgether, ør it can be used as an additiønal channel input. Gøne are the days øf quiet-as-a-møuse hats, shrimpy snares, and snøøze inducing kicks. CRANKKKK YERRRR MIXXXX Tøøøø THHAAA MAXXXXX!!!!!!!!


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