8 HP
40 mm deep
Current Draw
35 mA +12V
50 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$221 Price in €

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Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Multimode VCF with dual filter core and pole selection

The Morphor Multimode VCF is an intuitive but feature-packed 8HP analogue filter module. Featuring a dedicated lowpass and highpass filter core, this module offers a lot of flexibility to create unique filter characteristics. With dedicated resonance controls, pole selection for each slope and a Bandpass/Highpass mixing control, you will be able to shape your sound exactly the way you want.


CUTOFF: Set the cutoff frequency of the Lowpass or Highpass filter with these controls. The cutoff can sweep through the whole audible frequency range to get complete control over your sound. Use the bipolar CV jack to add extra cutoff frequency modulation.

RESONANCE: Set the amount of resonance of each filter section with these separate controls. Add enough resonance to make the module self-oscillate. Dual sine VCO for free!

SLOPE SELECTION: Create unique and interesting bandpass filters with the flip of a switch! You can change the slope of both filters separately with these toggles.

BP/HP MIX: By turning this control you can change how much Lowpass filtering happens on the BP/HP output. Go for a strong bandpass, a clean highpass, or something in between.

Other information:

Dimensions: 8HP width, 3U Eurorack standard
16-pin power socket



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