24 HP
40 mm deep
Current Draw
139 mA +12V
97 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$524 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Bitcrusher, Harmonizer, VCF, VCA, EQ, Envelope Generator / Follower

Make simple things sound rich! Orbit is a mighty tool for transforming any kind of sound into a totally new sound design. In combination with an oscillator this module forms a complete synth voice. Orbit is a versatile tool for sound shaping and sound design.

Official walkthrough:

Input stage - feed me anything.
- 2 inputs with individual gains (CV-controllable).
- Bass Equalizer knob to enhance or lessen the low end of the incoming signals.
- It's DC-coupled! Happily accepting LFOs and envelopes.

Bitcrusher - get dirty.
- Single bits can be switched on / off or even be inverted to create rich harmonics.
- Voltage controlled sample rate with +- polarizer potentiometer for sample rate CV.
- Sync-mode resets the sample rate on zero-crossing of the incoming signal for an oscillator-sync-like sound.

Harmonizer - even more harmonics.
- Add up to five oscillators (square wave and noise) to the signal.
- Oscillators track pitch of the incoming signal.
- Each oscillator has its own volume potentiometer.

Analogue Multimode Filter - tame the beast.
- Low pass, high pass and band pass outputs are simultaneously available.
- Low pass and high pass can be seamlessly morphed into each other - also by +-5V CV control!
- 12dB/Oct filter with V/Oct and FM CV inputs.
- FM CV with +- polarizer, internal envelope routed to cutoff frequency via +- envelope knob.
- Self-oscillation produces clean sine wave output with full resonance.

VCAs everywhere
- Voltage controllable output gains for Dry and Wet signals.
- Voltage controllable gains of both input signals.
- Voltage controllable crossfader between low pass and high pass signal.

Envelope generator - snappy or slow.
- Follower, Attack-Decay or Attack-Release mode with external trigger/gate input.
- Digitally created envelope, enables super snappy responses.
- Separate 0-8V CV envelope output.


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