Synchrodyne Expand

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Now the price reduced even more for the COMBO!!

I sell here my beloved Synchrodyne + EXPANDER Combo (!!!)
Crazy, organic, complex, surprising VCO for users who like real experimentation.
Read about it - there is nothing else like it out there.
This is my last & most favorite euro VCO - I only sell it to go fully sampling.
It is also:
- Vactrol Compressor
- 2 Unique Filters (Switched Capacitor)
- crazy Rhythm-Generator
- Wavefolder
& more.

New price for this Combo = 894€

I am a legit wiggler, active in the community and a musician.
I can provide muffwiggler etc. - accounts.
Bought & sold tons of modules - so I can pack up properly.

Please read the whole description before asking.
"How much is shipping?" etc. ;-)

technical condition

  • works 100%

cosmetic condition

  • a tiny little rash, the rest like new


  • I will ship for 10€ inside EU (tracked & insured).


  • I am in Vienna, Austria.
  • you can pick up the module here of course.

payment options

I accept BANK (iban/bic, PAYPAL (to friend or you pay fees) or Ca$h here in Vienna.


I can provide images if you want.

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