4 HP
15 mm deep
Current Draw
Module does not draw current
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A true multi-function utility module for every Eurorack system!

8 Channel Weighted Mixer

Input audio or any other signals to the weighted inputs for passive, DC-coupled mixing. The I/O jack works as the output. Since there are no knobs, the footprint of the module is small for an 8 channel mixer. Instead of knobs the mixing is done by choosing different inputs: 1 is the quietest, 128 the loudest. In addition to saving space, being knobless makes it more easy to redo a patch with exactly the same values.

8-Bit Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)

The module converts 8 channels of parallel digital signals into an analog signal with a resolution of 256 steps. (You can also use less inputs for less resolution.) The gate signals are input to jacks 1-128 where 1 is the least significant bit (LSB) and 128 the most significant bit (MSB). The resulting step is determined by adding together the values of bits that are in HIGH logic state. The analog signal voltage range is same as the range of the input signals. In case of regular 0 to 5 volt gate signals one step is roughly 0,02V (5V / 256). More info on R2R DAC in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resistor_ladder

The module works nicely as a CV sequence generator when you connect rhythmical gates, such as outputs of a clock divider into the input jacks. Plug a quantizer after it to squeeze the sequence into desired scale, and confuse inputs for variation!

Programmable Attenuator

Input a voltage or any signal to I/O jack. From the other jacks you get 8 different voltages divided from the input voltage. 1=lowest, 128=highest. You can also use multiple outputs (each has a different voltage) to control multiple CV inputs with different intensity. For example controlling many oscillators results in lively harmonic intervals and chords. Controlling the pitch of an oscillator and filter cutoff with different outputs gives you filter tracking with desired ratio.

Labile Duplex Multiple

The module can be used as a 1 to 9 multiple. Instead of giving the exact replica of the input signal you get different variations of the input signal from different outputs, depending on which jacks you use. The module is duplex, meaning that you can freely input and output signals in both directions. When you input more than one signal, they get mixed, attenuated and split in various ways. The thumb rule is that jacks near to each other have more influence on each other.

Goofproof Whatever Station

Combine (or then just forget) everything you have learned about the R2R and just patch stuff in and out!

Please note that the function of the module is not absolute, and everything affects everything else. In return the module is safe to use in any fashion. All the jacks are interconnected by resistors, and there is at least a 20 kilo-ohm resistance between any two jacks. These resistors make it safe to patch input and output signals simultaneously without short-circuiting them. The internal connection diagram is printed on the interface.


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