Circuit Slices ADSR 6hp version

ADSR Envelope Generator with re-trigger

This Eurorack-format ADSR envelope generator includes a re-trigger input for multiple triggers -- while the gate input is high. If you don't have a keyboard or MIDI-CV with a trigger output, you can use the ADSR TRIG input for synchronous attacks and modulation effects, triggered by a master clock signal. Envelope generators with trigger inputs, were typical in some older analog synthesizers, such as ARP and EMU. This popular module has been revised with a standard slimmer 6 HP front panel.

Attack time: 1mS to over 5s
Decay time: 1mS to over 12s
Sustain level: 0 to 10V
Release time: 1mS to over 12s
Output level: 0 to 10V
Gate threshold: 2.5V
Power: +12VDC @ 3mA, -12DC @ 2mA using standard Eurorack (Doepfer, etc.) 16-pin connector
Panel width: 6 HP
Eurorack format
"Skiff friendly" Depth: Only 1.4" with power cable (single PCB using SMT parts)

“TRIG” input for re-triggered attacks
Logarithmic potentiometers for A, D, R
High-quality anodized aluminum panel
User selectable 'gate' from power-bus -- using PCB shorting jumper
Low power consumption
Includes power cable and two case screws

  • 3 mA +12V
  • 2 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 36 mm deep
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