Ensure Sound ER-16

Moog Prodigy Clone

PRODIGY ER-16 is a clone of the legendary synthesizer MOOG PRODIGY.
Factually, our product is its reincarnation in the modern look (the strict ascetic design of the vintage synthesizers). Its “warm moogy sound” does not differ from the sound of his ancestor, and some of its sound characteristics exceed and supplement the MOOG PRODIGY.
The main difference of PRODIGY ER-16 from MOOG PRODIGY is compact dimensions, a lack of a keyboard, it is made in the EURORACK format. It is fully compatible with standards of DOEPFER and easy will fit into your systems.

Technical specifications PRODIGY ER-16:
• Two voltage control oscillators VCO1 (SAW, TRI, PULSE) and VCO2 (SAW, TRI, SQR)
• Two octave dividers VCO1 (32', 16', 8') and VCO2 (16', 8', 4')
• Mixer for OSCs and NOISE
• PITCH/SYNC for control VCOs
• GLIDE, TUNE, INTERVAL for control VCOs
• Classic Moog ladder VCF -24dB/oct
• One LFO (TRI, SQR)
• OSC and FILTER modulation inputs
• Two Envelope generators (A, D/R, S)
• Black brushed aluminum panel, ascetic vintage design 42HP, thickness 2mm
• PSU current about +12V 160mA +/- 5%, -12V 160mA +/- 5%
• Dual and Single oscillators CV input (2 voice poly emulation in dual mode)
• SYNC OSC2 input for external OSC2 synchronization
• Noise generator (pink, white) with level control
• S-TRIG input, GATE (5-12V) input with LED control
• External audio input with level control
• OSC2 signal outputs (SAW, TRI, SQR)
• LFO synchronization trig with LED control, 3 band divider for LFO speed
• Two modulation switches for OSCs and VCF with potentiometer control
• Standard DOEPFER power connector 16 pin with internal CV/GATE
• Jumpers for ON/OFF internal CV/GATE

You can also estimate the sound of the PRODIGY ER-16:


  • 160 mA +12V
  • 160 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 45 mm deep
  • Ø 5.00 (2 Votes) Average Rating

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