10 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$99 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Eurorack CV/Gate Mini Expander for AMP Devices

The EXPANDOOR gets you quickly, simply, and inexpensively using AMP’s Melody Oracle, Star Song, or Touch Tones (as well as other possible future devices) as a CV and Gate controller. It outputs Eurorack-compatible CV and GATE signals, transforming your AMP device into a versatile and novel modular synth sequencer or controller. The EXPANDOOR can be used as a standalone tabletop box, or mounted in a 3U 10HP rack space.

Just as the three “Register” zones on your AMP device gate the audio for the three octaves of the built-in synthesizer, there are three corresponding gate outputs on the Expandoor. The ⅛” jacks labeled “BS” “LH” and “RH” output ~11V DC gate signals whenever those zones are gating “ON” on your AMP device.

The jack labeled “CV” outputs a tuned set of CV values (0-11V), tuned independently but correspondingly, to the set of tuners on your AMP device. The row of multi-turn tuners on the front panel allow fine tuning of each CV state. One tuner is active at a time, depending on the state of the “INTERVAL” zones on your AMP device. The active tuner is conveniently indicated in real time via lights found to the right of the tuners. The indicator lights serve a second function of showing you which tuner on the controlling AMP device is also active in parallel.

The AMP LINK jack on the bottom left of the front panel (with the arrow pointing IN) connects your controlling AMP device into the EXPANDOOR. USE ONLY SHIELDED CAT 5 or CAT 6 CABLES AND CONNECTORS (the correct cables will have metal end connectors). The AMP LINK jack on the right outputs a signal identical to the input, allowing chaining of multiple EXPANDOORS and/or WAVE EXPANDERS. Do not plug more than one AMP controlling device into a single EXPANDOOR simultaneously, or damage to the devices could occur.

Each controlling device requires its own EXPANDOOR or WAVE EXPANDER, but multiple expansion modules can be chained from one controlling device. One potential benefit to chaining expansion modules is the ability to output multiple tuned, corresponding but independent, CV channels. Meaning multiple sets of harmonic values could be tuned and accessed at the command of the single controlling AMP device, or accessed via other modules in your system.


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