Juzi Euro Sampler

JuziSound Total Solo sampler adaptation to Euro


Frequency 73.728 MHz

Digital Audio Processing:

32 bit / integer / 48 kHz

Sample Rate:

48 kHz

Wave memory:

Unlimited – depending on the size of SD card used

SD Card slot:

SD Cards 2.7–3.6V

Supported SD cards:

All models 16MB – 32GB

Audio file format:

WAV / 48000Hz / 16 bit / Mono

Sampling method:

Full Length – entire length of the sample Not use Loop Point Single WAV file for each note


2048 multisamples in a bank 14 multisamples for a program

Multisample files:

128 WAV files, single file for each note

Maximum polyphonys:

8 notes,(depends on the mode of the oscillator)

Oscillator mode:

Normal POLY, Bass MODE 1, Bass MODE 2, Mono RETRIGER, Mono LEGATO, Mono Portamento CZ, Mono Portamento DX, Mono Portamento KORG, Bouzouki, Gibson Guitar, Mono Portamento JS, Mono portamento JS2, Violin, Violin 2, Poly 4 notes, JS Tenor Sax, JS Alt Sax, JS Clarinet, JS Bouzouki


999 user programs for a bank

Scale / comma:

Resolution +/- 16 units per semitone One USER scale for each program, plus 3 separate programmable global scales with option for instant recall at any time. There is ability to control the scales via MIDI directly from a synthesizer (with Sysex messages).


6 presets for terca plus modes for scanning tercas. Ability for terca with a timbre, that differs from the basic timbre. There is a possibility to control the tercas via MIDI directly from a synthesizer (with CC12 and CC13).


Delay, EQ/Enhancer, Modulation effect (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser) (All effects are mono)


Texas Instruments PCM1791A Sampling frequency 48 kHz Audio data 32bit

Operational amplifiers:

NE5532P, TL072

Master volume:

Analog, ALPS stereo potentiometer

Audio out – main:

2 separate mono 1/4‖ TRS connectors,
mono, unbalanced, rear panel
Impedance 140 Ω
Signal-to-noise ratio 112 dB
Stereo crosstalk < -80 dBu/1 kHz
Maximum output level +20 dBu

MIDI interface:

Standard 5-pin DIN connector MIDI IN ungrounded through opto-isolator MIDI OUT configurable as MIDI OUT or as MIDI THRU

Remap of note velocity:

Yes, using 16 different velocity curves, plus the limitation and mixing of 2 curves.

Remap of note velocity:

Yes, using 16 different velocity curves, plus the limitation and mixing of 2 curves.

MIDI Analyzer:

Yes, shows the 6 most recent MIDI events

Sysex Analyzer:

Yes, shows up to 128 Sysex bytes

Input for Analog Controller:

3.5mm stereo jack Software configuration of the power pins Power +5V Direct current (DC) Short circuit protection Input signal level from 0 to +5V Software controlled Pull Up resistor 2.2 kOhm Analog amplifier with software-controlled GAIN and OFFSET

MIDI converter from Analog IN:

Ability to generate up to 4 different MIDI messages simultaneously, each with independent parameters. Send up to 3 different MIDI channels simultaneously. Messages are sent via MIDI OUT.

Other external controllers:

Two independent inputs of the EXTENSION connector for connecting the controller type switch (pedal). The switch controller should connect the active signal to the ground.

Ability to power external devices:

(Through the EXTENSION port)
+5V / 300 mA
+3.3V / 100 mA

Additional interfaces:

Serial interface RS232 with TX and RX, connected to the EXTENSION port.

External keyboard:

Standard PS/2 numeric keyboard (numpad) with native PS/2 interface.

Front panel controls:

4 buttons: [MENU], [ENTER], [+] and [-] Master Volume ALPS potentiometer


101 x 64 pixels monochrome display with LED backlight

LED Indicators:

MIDI In, Audio CLIP, Edit, SD card

Package contents:

Sampler, 32GB SD Card, PS/2 numpad, MIDI cable, power cord

Optional items (sold separately):

Breath Controller, second MIDI cable

Operating conditions:

Temperature from 0° to 40° C
Humidity < 90 %

Power Supply:

AC 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz Selected by the manufacturer without the possibility of change by the user.

Build-in fuse:

20mm fast-blow glass fuse, rated 250 V / 315mA

Power consumption:

  • 315 mA +12V
  • 0 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 140 mm deep

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

$560 Price in €
14 HP Sampling
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