12 HP
Current Draw
95 mA +12V
8 mA -12V
0 mA 5V

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Multi-oscillator Drone Generator

Siren is a digital stereo module packing 21 oscillators and 23 LFOs to generate lush drones. Macro controls set their respective pitch, waveform, and amplitude. Siren is not meant to be the tool you reach for when wanting to write explicit chord progressions and harmonies. Instead, the few provided macro controls make a wide parameter space accessible and fun to explore. Find sweet spots of your liking by the turn of a knob and add subtle modulation to find new musical ideas and progressions. Use rhythmically related control voltages to explore a vast world of weird musical progressions that fall between the cracks of the discrete nature of music theory.

Siren is a digital module and does very little to hide this heritage. Oscillators are not anti-aliased and control voltages are not filtered. This minimizes latency and yields a very crisp snappy sound, however, at the cost of introducing artifacts when the module is pushed outside of its sweet spot. Everything is perfectly in tune as harmonics and sub-harmonics of the base pitch. This is achieved by stacking oscillators in Just Intonation instead of the more traditional Equal Temperament. Thus, some of the sounds and progressions might sound alien and strange at times.


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