Tap Tempo LFO


This is the Tap Tempo LFO designed by,

Released under, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license
PCB and panel designed by Alemanlabs.


Simple “Tap Tempo” control button.

The TAP TEMPO input can measure the time between two taps of a momentary switch or button, and uses this time to set the LFO’s basic tempo.

Ability to synchronize LFO to external clocks

The TAP TEMPO input can also accept 0-5V pulses. This allows the LFO to be synchronized to an external clock. The module also produces a CLOCK OUT which can synchronize other TAPLFOs.

LFO range from 0.025Hz to above 50Hz

The basic range of the TEMPO CV allows the LFO to produce frequencies between 0.05Hz (a 20 second cycle) and 12.8Hz. However, in conjunction with the MULTIPLIER CV, this range is extended to 0.025Hz (a 40-second cycle) to 50Hz.

Sixteen output waveforms, in two sets. The chip can produce 16 output waveforms. These are selected by the “A/B” switch.

The MULTIPLIER selects a tempo multiplier which is used to determine the final LFO frequency. This allows the LFO to produce changes at double or half-speed, or produce triplet times.

Wave Distort. The selected waveform can be distorted using the DIST pot. This modifies the duty cycle of all LFO waveforms.

Smoothing filter switch. This applies the digital equivalent of a single pole RC filter to the waveform before it is output. The filtering removes the abrupt edges that tend to give clicks in some applications and gives the waveforms a softer rise and fall (about 20msecs).

Built in fuses on the power input protect the module from over current conditions. If the module experiences any kind of over current condition the fuses will over heat protecting the module. The fuses will reset once power is recycled.

The panel is laser cut, drilled and silk screened with epoxy based ink.


  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 27 mm deep

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