2 HP
34 mm deep
Current Draw
6 mA +12V
7 mA -12V
28 mA 5V

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

2HP 4 Channel Fixed Filter

The TELEXff (TXff) is a 2HP fixed filter that was designed for the primary purpose of reducing the aliasing when playing back audio-rate sine waves on a TXo+ (a TXo upgraded with a Teensy 3.6 processor). This filter adds four three-pole filters that can be used to improve the fidelity of each of the TXo's four CV outputs.

The TXff's physical configuration is designed to easily patch the TXo's CV outputs across to a corresponding input without any crisscrossing of cables. The four outputs on the TXff are located at the top of the unit.

The TXff does not clean up software-induced aliasing when using waveforms other than sine waves. These will still have subtile to severe artifacts due to the sampling rate of the TXo+ (25kHz).

These facts make the TXff a very specialized product for a very small set of users who want to use their TXo+ in such a way that the clean-up it provides manners. Please ensure that you understand what it was designed to do ... and not to do ... prior to purchasing.

The TXff is an Open Source module designed by bpcmusic.

submitted Mar 10th 2018, 22:20 by bpcmusic

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