18 HP
35 mm deep
Current Draw
Module does not draw current

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Multiple interface tool module between the MIDI standard and a modular synthesizer.

This module is built around an Arduino with an personnal integration. Four output CV Six outputs gate / trig a clock input. All inputs / outputs are protected. The CV outputs work between 0 and 8 Volts thus covering a range of 8 octaves.
The electronics assembly fit on a 90x90mm PCBs mounted on an interface PCB to the facade.

The software allows you to play smoothly in all game situations (related notes, stitched, outfits, etc.). All pressed notes are played immediately and all notes are buffered and put in a FIFO Tampom.
For MIDI2CV functions to interface keyboards, sequencers or other MIDI system, it is possible to use this module in mono, polyphonic on channel 1 and 4 separate channels but also a dual mode where you can play both right hand notes and arpeggios left hand if you have a keyboard with the split or if you connect two keyboards. The sustain pedal MIDI if it is connected to (x) keyboard (s) is managed according to the modes.

For the arpeggiator, four clocked arpeggios are available on the sixteenth noon-clock if available or an external clock. The also several fashion exist: fixed hold or sustain pedal, or free.

The MIDI2TRIG to send either TRIGS milliseconds Gates is the length of the keys supports on Gates outputs 0 / + 5V or the CV outputs whose level depends on the velocity of the note . It is also possible to have affected 8 keys to have eight gates. The played keys are set by default or assignable by a learning mode.

CLOCK mode allows for BMP noon / 4/3/2, x1, x2, x3, x4. If lunch-cock is not available, then the external clock will also be available in the same reports. That is to say divider and also clock multiplier.

The MIDI2CC allows for the cutoff, and other key controls commands (DC) available on the outputs. CC are defined and changed directly in the code.

Whatever the module operation mode, the signal from noon clock (MIDI_CLOCK) will still be available on a dedicated output on x24 as well as commands to stop / continue / stop another dedicated output.


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