10 HP
Current Draw
103 mA +12V
48 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$227 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Analog Hi-Hats

Hatz v2 is an all-analog module designed to help you sculpt all sorts of hi-hat and percussion sounds. At the core of the module are two noise generators: complex (LFSR) noise and (LOGIC) noise metals. Both channels are equipped with 2-pole filters, and a VCA + envelope combination. A CV-able Decay control for the Open Hi-Hat channel offers a handy solution for more rhythmic animation.

New in version 2, Hatz offers a Texture control with dedicated CV input. This control offers a wide range of distinct noise textures, making Hatz great for everything from classic, clicky hats to metallic snares, filtered clangs, and more. V2 also sports revised envelopes and a vastly improved signal to noise ratio, making for a significant upgrade to this already stellar module.


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