10 HP
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This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

Programmable Clickless VC Switch

ADDITIONAL NOTE: It will be bigger - 14+ HP. The main reason is the placement of 4 human fingers across is impossible in 8HP and this improves the playability substantially. We may also consider adding a 5th input since there is already a bit this can do. It is noticeable and this is from experience using the original 10HP design. We also flipped the jacks to the top. The bottom is a sort of mini keyboard in some view. We aren't really into making modules too small as we do value the playability aspect and Euro is already a really small format. The added functionality more than makes up for the space increase for those that are more space-conscious.

NOTE: The SOLOLOQUY is still coming! We have considerably changed the device since it's original announcement. It will still have 4 switched inputs and most of the original features but we have created something much more in the line of the Rabid Elephant system. We have improved playability, updated to high life arcade style buttons, added attenuators for ea. input (can be used as a hi fidelity muting perf. mixer), significantly increased programmability ease, added live recording/quantisation capability, redid the menu system so it is 100% WYSIWYG, and added a few other switch-related features not found in other switches that we feel nail the true purpose of a switch in the modular context. We appreciate the patience from all those interested! It will do 'good things.'

Original Description:
The Sololoquy is a 10HP programmable clickless VC sequential switch. It has 4 main inputs and 2 outputs as well as a CV and CLK input. Button polarity (normal or inverted) and action (momentary or toggle) are all independently programmable. It can be programmed to work as a mixer or exclusive solo'er/muter. The path is DC-coupled with extremely low offset error & drift. Audio performance is high fidelity. The buttons are high-life (1M cycles) illuminated tact pushbuttons with fast response. They can be played easily.

Sololoquy inputs can be gated by an incoming CLK signal, which is passed by the CLK button. Inputs can also be selected or sequenced using the CV input or with a CLK signal edge. The sequence length and pattern can be user programmed. All programmabilities are automatically saved.

Buttons action and polarity is programmed by holding the corresponding toggle down and pressing the button you wish to program.

All alternate functions are accessed by holding both toggle switches down and selecting the corresponding button (alt. functions indicated by the graphics). Alternate functions are:

Button 1: switch between Mix and Solo modes

Button 2: enable/disable CV input

Button 3: enable/disable sync

Button 4: enable/disable MIDI sync

CLK button: enable/disable CLK edge sequencing.

Here's a quick video of the prototype:

More features include:

MIDI control, sync-ability with other Sololoquys, and auto calibration of the CV input so it can work with many different voltage sources.

It will be available soon!

More info: https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=115505


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