GR series Voltage Controlled Oscillator

The ReBach GR11 Voltage Controlled Oscillator is a simple but powerfull SAW core oscillator tuned for bass applications but also applicable as semi-LFO. The GR11 VCO generates four waveforms (SAW / SQUARE with PWM / TRI / SUB SQUARE ).

The GR11 has a unique SUB section which generates a square waveform that can be adjusted in four parts. Extremely well applicable for bass! Use it as LFO or even as simple voltage / frequency controlled 4-step sequencer or modulate a second GR11 for wide range of deep sounds or FX.

Power connection: 2x8 pcb pin header for ribbon wire. The cable should be connected with the red band facing the bottom of the module

Input: 1x 1V/OCT / 3.5mm jack : 1x CV-I input / 3.5mm jack (fixed level) 1x Sync IN (hard sync) / 3.5mm jack : 1x PWM input 3.5mm jack
Output: 1x SAW out plm 10V / 3.5mm jack : 1x PULS out plm 10V / 3.5mm jack 1x TRI out plm 10V / 3.5mm jack : 1x SUB PULS out plm 10V / 3.5mm jack
Knobs: 1x FREQ (Coarse) : 1x FINE : 1x PWM : 1x SUB-1 : 1x SUB-2 : 1x SUB-3 1x SUB-4 (wave part level adjustment)
Description: Voltage Controlled Oscillator Frequency range plm 1Hz > 6kHz Four waveform output
Temperature stability: 20 to 30 degrees case temperature, in a range of 3.5 octaves
Product Range: GR-Series
EAN CODE: 7435124476401

  • 33 mA +12V
  • 33 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 29 mm deep

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18 HP Oscillator
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