8 HP
30 mm deep
Current Draw
35 mA +12V
10 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$225 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

Voltage controlled Euclidean sequencer

Κλάσματα is a single channel, voltage controlled Euclidean sequencer.

It offers a range of 1-32 steps, opening up more possibilities for complex patterns. With voltage controlled sequence length and fills, Κλάσματα can transpose, shift and modulate rhythmic patterns at up to audio speeds.

Just like Στοιχεῖα there is a normal and a toggling operating mode. The three-way switch is also used to stop and reset the sequence.

The voltage controlled parameters have individual level settings. The controls are otherwise identical to Στοιχεῖα.

The updated version of Klasmata does not require 5V rail.
Klasmata is provided as a kit by Befaco synths.


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