14 HP
35 mm deep
Current Draw
52 mA +12V
26 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$293 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Morphing Effects Send Matrix

Available for preorder now at https://sacramentmodular.com

The Cursible from Sacrament Modular is a 14HP 6 channel, morphing effects-send matrix with an incredible feature set and a vast amount of applications from morphing / sequencing through and blending effects through to cadavre exquis style mixing of sound sources or control voltages. The Cursible features multiple modes of operation including:

PIANO MODE : Send your signal through your effects chains manually via a momentary button push with user-defined fade times.

CLOCK MODE : Sequence your signal through your effects chains via the clock input. Clock sub-modes include clockwise, counter-clockwise, pendulum and random sequencing options!

CONTROL VOLTAGE MODE : Morph and switch your way through your effects via the control voltage input / attenuator using any CV source.

MANUAL MODE : Select your routing using the central knob for a more hands-on approach.

RANDOM MANUAL MODE : Randomly advance through your sequence with a turn of the central knob.

CV + CLOCK MODE : Choose your routing destinations using a sample and hold style approach.

FILL OPERATION : When sequencing through one effects chain at a time isn’t cutting it, use Fill to stack from 0 to all 6 sends and returns!

All modes feature user-defined “morph” timing to allow you to adjust from click-less switching to long attack and decay times and everything in between.


  • 14 HP
  • 52mA +12V
  • 26mA -12V


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