6 HP
Current Draw
150 mA +12V
5 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$250 Price in €

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6x Drum Module

Soundmachine's SD1simpledrum is a powerful, fun and small module that will open up the percussive realm on your system or integrate the modules that you already have in place. Six channels of drum sounds could be configured for sound, volume, accent and overall reverb intensity at the touch of your finger and in real time. Although those are already very good capabilities we tried to put many more features in it adding a 'cv' mode that opens up very interesting opportunities. Among other things there are 'humanize' functions and also a 'synth' mode that will make your SD1 a great tiny groovebox! Don't forget that the SD1 has also a save/recall mode with six memories, to switch quickly between settings (everything is memorized, the instruments, the levels, even the advanced functions) during your live sets or in the studio.

A great addition to any eurorack setup, the SD1simpledrum module is a small and friendly way to start up with modular percussions or enrich a pre-existent system with new sounds and capabilities.

Six channel PCM drum module
Channels are grouped per sound type: 1-BD 2-CH 3-OH 4-SD 5-HT/PERC 6-LT/PERC
16/24 sounds per channel (single and double)
For each channel user can choose:
Instrument (sound)
Mix level
Accent amount
Overall (Mix) reverb amount
Alternative CV modes (blue led ON):
Value region1: Humanize HH (instrument level variations on CH and OH channels)
Value region 2: Humanize HH+SD
Value region 3: Reverb CV control
Value region 4: scan instr on ch 6
Value region 5: scan instr on ch 5+6
Value Region 6: SYNTH on ch 5/6 (synth mode uses CH5 as GATE, CH6 as PITCH and acc/cv as SCALE (Min,maj,pentatonic, dorian Maj7, min7, whole, chromatic))


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