10 HP
33 mm deep
Current Draw
62 mA +12V
24 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$293 Price in €

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FAILLE TEMPORELLE is a self proclaimed “world’s first time warping distortion”, that can go from soft overdrive to extreme clipping distortion.
You’ll be able to go from the analog-ish lofi tape echo to a full garbage delay/looper and even achieve some chorus and reverbish results.
Despite the flexibility and possibilities that FAILLE TEMPORELLE can offer, it has a unique and yet recognizable tone, thanks to its input and output driving stage inspired by the sound of the old and obscure tape machines preamps from the 70s and its diode limiter !

This is a very complex module that makes magic and emphasizes on happy accidents when you understand these basics :
The “DRY OVERLOAD” drastically changes the effects of the other functions, and the “IN LEVEL” changes the overall module’s caracter, from super wet to super dry. The FEEDBACK knob also acts as a dry/wet function for the echo/delay part. Easy right ?


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