32 HP
Current Draw
148 mA +12V
11 mA -12V
332 mA 5V
$323 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

Trigger sequencer with audio and MIDI

TUKRA is an 8 track eurorack trigger sequencer with drum synth, sample player and midi.
This module can be an ‘all in one’ solution for drums, but also has great integration capabilities with other gear (eurorack modules, drum boxes, DAWs, midi devices and midi surface controllers).
There are no submenus, all functions and views are accessible all the time.

Brief overview:
- Up to 64 steps per pattern, 64 patterns, 64 parts and 16 songs per project. 64 projects in the microSD card.
- Play mode, clock divider, length & choke settings independent per track & pattern.
- Step value (can be used for modulation, to define the midi velocity, midi note & drum synth pitch or sample selection).

Ins & outs:
- 8 trigger/gate, clock & reset outputs. Clock & reset inputs.
- 4 CV inputs with offset potentiometers (so they’re manual controls when no CV is plugged in).
- Audio L & R out (6 additional ones with the expander for independent track output).
- Front panel MIDI TRS in & out, and USB host for midi controllers.

MIDI and audio:
- MIDI note and channel configurable per track & song, midi note and velocity can be set by the step value.
- Drum synth, noise with envelope and ‘one shot’ sample player (factory and user banks) per track.
- Flexible sample selection (each track can play up to 128 samples).
- Mixer with volume, balance, reverb, bit crusher, filter cutoff, resonance and type (smoothly crossfades LP - BP - HP).

- CV & assignable MIDI CC plus 8 internal LFOs, 3 stepped random sources and step value.
- Modulation matrix for almost all parameters.

Rhythm variation:
- Probability for step, gate and roll.
- Euclidean Rhythm Generator.
- ‘Ramifications’ generative tool.
- Live view with solo, mute, fill, roll, invert pattern, reverse play direction and rotate.

- High precision clock source and low latency.
- External sync (via trigger, MIDI TRS or USB).
- Triplets and swing (aka ‘shuffle’), triplet and swing can be generated from a straight clock input or midi clock.
- Micro grid edit, each step has 6 micro steps (24 ppq).
- Half and double tempo functions.

Power consumption depends on the brightness of the LEDs, the +5v can be taken from the PSU or regulated from the +12v rail.
Noted values are with default brightness setting and with the +5v generated by the voltage regulator from the +12v rail.


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