Power Supply

There are two versions available:

  1. uZeus with flying bus boards this version features two ribbon bus boards. the ribbon bus boards are approximately 14 inches long and each cable features 5 connectors (so 10 connectors total on a stock ?zeus). additional flying bus boards of the same spec can be purchased above (uZeus flying busboard spare cable, single cable with 5 connectors). all you have to do is plug in your modules and play.

  2. uZeus with quick fit terminals this version features four standard spade terminals to connect to rigid bus boards like the zeus passive bus board. click here to download the usual manual

The uZeus mixes linear and switching power technology to produce:
* 1000ma at +12v
* 500ma at -12v
* 170ma at +5v
it uses a standard +15v dc non-regulated wall adapter for power. (Not included outside the USA)


  • Module does not draw current
  • 34 mm Depth
  • Ø 4.30 (101 Votes) Average Rating

This module is discontinued.

4 HP Power
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