m/15 10 Amp Modular System provides an “unreasonable” amount of power to the patch people worldwide for a more than reasonable price.

Patch cord power pundits of the past told us it couldn’t be done. Some stoic patch peddlers even say SHOULDN’T. With m/15 Higher Power system: triple-voltage is STANDARD. Worldwide compatibility—STANDARD. Overload protection—STANDARD. 10amps—STANDARD. Super-quiet operation—STANDARD. Expansion up to 40 Amps— NEW STANDARDS ALL AROUND.

Trogotronic m/15 Higher Power system is BUILT modular FOR modular starting at $100—100mA PER DOLLAR—for the DIY version, factory assembled systems start at $135. Expansion & maintenance is simpler than the most elementary patch-cord wire knot. Power bricks are dead quiet, worldwide compatible, have overload protection for safety & are load-tested to ACTUALLY perform to advertised specs (unlike most shady shenzhen black-box vibrators). Manifest Modular Destiny? More like MUTINY for MALNOURISHED MODULAR SYSTEMS!

10 Amp Euro Format Modular Supply
Includes Triple Power Rails +12 / +5 / -12
User Expandable
Worldwide Compatible
Runs Hungry Modules Without Drama
Works With or Without System-Included 4HP Module
Available as DIY Kit
Lightweight, Quiet & Cool Operation
Load Tested & Overload Protected
Priced From Nearly 100mA per $
For CERN-style sonic power demands simply run up to four m/15 systems in parallel with the 2-1 Expander fitment. That’s up to 40 Amps in a single rack—Hell, run 10,000mA per 3RU for all we care. And if you simply want to jump additional bus boards to your existing m/15 system they are available à la carte. Never again a reason to compromise layout / use of modules due to current demands on your rack’s power system with the m/15. Unreasonably weak supplies are the only remaining unreasonable components.


100-240vAC Mains AC Input
10,000mA Symmetrical Current Capacity
5,000mA Max Load +5v & +12v combined
5,000mA Max Load -12v rail
1,000mA Max Load Per Bus Board +5v rail
15 Power Outlets Per Bus Board
User Replaceable Power Bricks


  • Module does not draw current

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

No info about availability.

$100 Price in €
4 HP Power
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