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TipTop Mantis + SkiffEurorack
Synthesis TechnologyEurorack
Serge FormatSerge
*Rossum Electro-Music SystemEurorackPrivate
End of 2023?EurorackPrivate
Behringer ARPEurorack
Behringer Roland CloneEurorack
Pittsburgh SystemEurorack
Intellijel (7u 104hp)Eurorack
**Mutable Instruments 2022 (third and fourth rows are unsure, first two rows are set in stone)EurorackPrivate
*Intellijel Supersystem Pt1EurorackPrivate
Eurorack Buchla (TipTop Buchla, Red Panel)Eurorack
Feedback ModulesEurorack
**Intellijel System w/ separate controllers in ALM 84 hpEurorack
TipTop ModulesEurorack
*ALM Busy CircuitsEurorack
*Mutable skiffEurorackPrivate
TipTop Mantis + Make Noise Skiff + Make Noise 7u 2020Eurorack
*Erica SystemEurorack
Noise EngineeringEurorackPrivate
LA67 DIY 100 SeriesBuchla
*IME/Harvestman Skiff + podEurorack
Sputnik SystemEurorack
*Intellijel Supersystem Pt2Eurorack
*ALM SkiffEurorackPrivate
WMD (Black)Eurorack
***TipTop BuchlaEurorack
***Dreadbox Colors in Rackbrute connected to Minibrute 2Eurorack
Effects System (modules not included in other systems)Eurorack
Powernoise/EBM/Industrial small systemEurorack
**Make Noise Black and SilverEurorack
Immediate WishlistEurorackPrivate
*Smaller Intellijel SystemEurorackPrivate
*Behringer System 55 ("complete system" with a few changes)EurorackPrivate
***12/18/22 - Make Noise Skiff 105hp and ALM 84hp controllerEurorack

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QPAS, Beads and Marbles

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QPAS (5), Shapeshifter (5), Links (5), Kinks (5), Plaits (5), ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout (5), Waver (5), Tetrapad (4), Maths (white knobs) (4) and Quad VCA (4)
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