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Module Date Region Price
Ripples EU €90,00  View
m-Brane (6hp Mutable Yarns) EU €165,00  View
Peaks EU €95,00  View
Twiigs EU €120,00  View
Typhoon EU €215,00  View
Pique EU €110,00  View
DVCA EU €85,00  View
Beat Repeat EU €160,00  View
Destructo VCF-1 EU €150,00  View
SDSV+ EU €180,00  View
MA808 EU €65,00  View

Submitted Modules

s2m 2 HP Utility View
knit rider (outputs only) 3 HP Sequencer View
knit rider (control only) 13 HP Sequencer View
octaverter 12 HP Attenuator View
grids midi expander 2 HP Utility View
Threshold 10 HP DigitalNoiseOscillatorQuad View
pusherman switched mult 6 HP UtilityMultiple View
Pusherman a/b switches 10 HP Utility View

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