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Slicenator Eurorack
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Quadraphonic System Eurorack
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Submitted Modules

Testy 2 HP Utility View
Quad Gate Inverter 2 HP DigitalLogicQuadUtility View
Quad Audio AC Coupler 2 HP FilterUtility View
Eurorack Patchbay 8 HP ExternalUtility View
WAVE MORPH VCDCO 12 HP OscillatorWaveshaper View
X-1 Filter 4 HP FilterOscillator View
POLY EG/LFO 6 HP Envelope GeneratorLFOQuad View
SLIDE 8 HP MixerUtility View
Golden Shower 6 HP Clock GeneratorFrequency DividerSequencer View
Quad Cutoff 8 HP FilterQuad View
OCTOROT SUPREME 20 HP SequencerSwitch View
Clock Divider 8 HP Clock GeneratorFrequency Divider View
Active Mixer 6 HP AttenuatorMixer View
SWO-1 Squarewave Oscillator 6 HP Oscillator View
Gain Offset Mix 8 HP AttenuatorMixerQuadUtility View
CV Quad Slew 8 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterQuadSlew Limiter View
OCTOROT 20 HP SequencerSwitch View
Mult + Pass Thru 6 HP MultipleUtility View
QS-1 Quad Slew Limiter 6 HP QuadSlew LimiterEnvelope Generator View
VCA-1 Dual VCA 6 HP AttenuatorDual/StereoVCA View
PEP-1 Power Entry Panel 4 HP AttenuatorPowerSwitch View
JS-1 Joystick 12 HP ControllerCV ModulationPanningQuad View
QPC-2 Quadraphonic Controller 6 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationDual/StereoMultiplePanningQuadVCA View
SINE-256 LFO 6 HP Clock GeneratorCV ModulationFunction GeneratorLFOOscillator View
QPC-1 Quadraphonic Controller 6 HP AttenuatorDual/StereoMultiplePanningQuad View
MIX-1 Mixer 6 HP AttenuatorMixer View
KEYS-1 Keyboard Quantizer 8 HP Quantizer View
SEQ-1 Sequencer 12 HP Sequencer View

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