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Submitted Modules

ES21 - 10-Step Sequencer 14 HP SequencerClock Modulator View
Voltron 6 17 HP View
CGS734 - ASR 4 HP SequencerSample and Hold View
ES36 7 HP Frequency DividerUtility View
ES16 - Extended ADSR 15 HP Envelope GeneratorFunction Generator View
ES14 - Voltage Processor 10 HP CV ModulationAttenuator View
ASM322 - Velocitizer 4 HP CV ModulationDynamicsExpression View
ES37 - Quantizer 11 HP QuantizerQuad View
ES202 - Resonant Equalizer 32 HP FilterEqualizer View
ED134 - MIC-In 7 HP ExternalUtility View
ES27 Transient Generator 7 HP Envelope GeneratorLFO View
ES75 - VCS 15 HP CV ModulationEnvelope FollowerFrequency DividerLFOOscillatorSlew Limiter View
ED720 ES-VCO 12 HP Oscillator View
ES33-VCFQ 12 HP Filter View
CGS737 - CV Cluster 12 HP Frequency Divider View
ASM320 10 HP LFOSwitch View
ES35 33 HP SwitchUtility View
ASM325 12 HP Oscillator View
ASM318 11 HP Filter View
IF102 Teezer VCO 15 HP Oscillator View
ES78 - VCA 7 HP VCA View
ES31 Stereo Panner Mixer 18 HP MixerPanningDual/StereoExternalVCA View
ES30 Stereo Panner 12 HP PanningMixerExpanderVCA View
ES24 - Programmer Extension 23 HP SequencerExpander View
ES23 - Sequence Programmer 29 HP Sequencer View
ES22 - Resonant Equalizer 17 HP FilterEqualizer View
ES20 - 1973 VCO 12 HP OscillatorWaveshaper View
ES19 - Negative Slew 7 HP Slew LimiterEnvelope FollowerLFOOscillator View
ES18 - VCM3 7 HP Waveshaper View
ES17 - VCM2 7 HP Waveshaper View
ES15 - Stepped & Smooth Generator 17 HP WaveshaperLFOSample and HoldSlew Limiter View
ES12 - Triple Bi-Directional Router 8 HP Switch View
ES10 - Triple Wave Shaper 18 HP Waveshaper View
ES09 - Positive Slew 11 HP Slew LimiterLFOOscillator View
ES08EXT 6 HP MixerExpander View
ES08 - Audio Mixer 10 HP Mixer View
ES07 - 1973 VCF 12 HP Filter View
ES06 - Envelope Generator 14 HP Envelope GeneratorLFOFunction Generator View
ES05 - Noise Source 9 HP NoiseRandomSample and Hold View
ES04 - VCM1 7 HP Waveshaper View
ED722 - Slow Oscillator 7 HP LFO View
ED702 - Synth-A-Scope 15 HP Utility View
ED701 - miniScope 8 HP Utility View
ED129 - CV Multiples 4 HP Multiple View
CGS795 - Digital Reverb 10 HP ReverbDual/StereoEffect View
CGS733 - 4x4 Matrix Mixer 26 HP Mixer View
ASM321 - Basic VCO 17 HP Oscillator View
ASM317 - State-Variable Filter 14 HP Filter View
ASM316 - Dual VCA 12 HP VCA View
ASM307 - LAG 7 HP CV ModulationSlew Limiter View
ASM302 - AD/ASR/LFO 7 HP Envelope GeneratorLFO View
ASM301 - ADSR 10 HP Envelope Generator View
CGS701 - Sub-Harmonic Oscillator 17 HP Frequency DividerOscillator View
ASM303 - Envelope Follower 7 HP Envelope Follower View
ASM308 - CV Mixer 10 HP Mixer View
ASM306 - Audio Out 7 HP External View
ES37 - Expander 4 HP Expander View
ES16 - Extended ADSR Expanded 19 HP Envelope Generator View
ES28 - Touch Sequencer 40 HP Sequencer View
ES25 - Touch Keyboard Interface 14 HP Controller View
Power Panel 4 HP Power View
ASM324 - Xpander 4 HP Multiple View
ASM308EXT 6 HP Mixer View
4HP Blank Panel 4 HP Blind Panel View
2HP Blank Panel 2 HP Blind Panel View
1HP Blank 1 HP Blind Panel View
ED721 - Super Psycho LFO Expansion 7 HP LFO View
ED122 - 14HP Power Panel Module 14 HP Power View
10HP Blank Panel 10 HP Blind Panel View
8HP Blank Panel 8 HP Blind Panel View

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Collection 2 modules

Tile Cycle and ES202 - Resonant Equalizer
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