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Submitted Modules

E370 Quad Morphing VCO (black panel) 54 HP DigitalOscillatorQuad View
R-56 28 HP EffectTubeReverb View
Mini Slew 8 HP Slew LimiterFunction GeneratorEnvelope FollowerEnvelope GeneratorLFOFrequency Divider View
CTG-VC 14 HP Envelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFO View
Double Andore MkII 19 HP Envelope GeneratorSlew LimiterVCADual/StereoFunction GeneratorLFO View
Arpitecht 12 HP QuantizerSequencer View
DP-2 28 HP Effect View
MMF-2 26 HP FilterDual/Stereo View
DMF-2 (Eggshell) 16 HP FilterDual/Stereo View
Pole-Zero 6 HP FilterVCADistortion View
Amplitude 6 HP VCADistortionDynamicsCV Modulation View
Popcorn 10 HP CV ModulationQuantizerRandomSequencer View
Phase Displacement Oscillator MkII 16 HP OscillatorLFO View
ADDAC703 Discrete Mixer 8 HP Mixer View
4 Operator FM 20 HP Oscillator View
K3020 Dual VCO 36 HP OscillatorDual/Stereo View

Rated Modules

This User rated 2 modules.

DMF-2 (5) and Twin waves (5)
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