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Submitted Modules

Ciao! 5 HP ExternalMixerUtility View
Random Sampling 18 HP CV ModulationNoiseRandomSample and Hold View
Sequence Selector 16 HP CV ModulationSequencerSwitch View
Clutch 5 HP AttenuatorExternalUtility View
Polyphonic Touch'n'Run Voltage Array Model 220 3 HP ControllerCV ModulationSequencer View
Dynamo 5 HP ComparatorDynamicsEnvelope FollowerSwitch View
Tromsø 5 HP ComparatorOscillatorSample and HoldWaveshaperLFO View
RND 4 HP Clock GeneratorCV ModulationRandom View
Popcorn CV Expander 2 HP ExpanderUtility View
Popcorn 10 HP CV ModulationQuantizerRandomSequencer View
Hendrikson 5 HP External View
Popcorn Gate Out Expander 2 HP ExpanderUtility View
Dup Dup 5 HP ControllerExternalSwitchUtility View
BMC027 Random Rhythm 16 HP Clock GeneratorRandomSequencer View
BMC29 Single Multiplier/Divider 6 HP Clock ModulatorFrequency DividerMultiple View
BMC015 VCA Mixer 12 HP MixerVCA View

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