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Submitted Modules

R Dual ADSR 12 HP Envelope GeneratorDual/Stereo View
3xVCA 4 HP VCADual/Stereo View
Altered States 20 HP Dual/StereoFilterOscillator View
Aperture 8 HP DistortionFilterLow Pass GateVCA View
DTSwitch 6 HP Dual/StereoSwitchUtility View
Discrete XNOR/XOR/NOT 4 HP DistortionLogicWaveshaper View
Penta 4 HP Sequencer View
Paths 8 HP SequencerSwitch View
Dual Discrete NOR/OR 4 HP DistortionLogicWaveshaper View
Dual Discrete NAND/AND 4 HP DistortionLogicWaveshaper View
Trig Xpander 4 HP ExpanderSequencer View

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FrequenSteiner (5), System X Filter (5), Polivoks VCF (5), Polivoks r1983 VCG (5), A-124 (5), A-147 VCLFO (5), Audio Frequency Generator (AFG) (5), A-132-3 (5), Polivoks VCF (4), SARA VCF (4), Mixer (4), A-104 (4), MATHS (4), Vulcan Modulator (4), μVCA (3), OSC303MKII (3) and A-141 (Discontinued) (3)
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