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LZX Visual Instrument Eurorack View
Patchouli s lab Eurorack Private
Blue Mystère Eurorack Private
LZX Visual Instrument (copy) Eurorack Private
isms (Garden of ((0)) MPE Eurorack View
design Eurorack Private
Temple of ((O)) Eurorack View
Temple of ((O)) (copy) Eurorack Private
EXPANSYS MUTEK MTL2019 Eurorack View
Temple of ((O)) MUTEK MTL2019 (copy) Eurorack Private


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Rampage (5), MANGROVE (5), JUST FRIENDS (5), THREE SISTERS (5), Cs-L (5), Shuttle Control (5), isms row (5), Filter 8 (5) and Phoreo (4)
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