10 HP
28 mm deep
Current Draw
10 mA +12V
10 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$225 Price in €

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XFMR Ring Modulator

Active Ring Modulator with Transformer

The XFMR Ring Modulator is a very old transformer ring modulator design. It dates back to 1947. The inventor of the device is Harald Bode, not the inventor of the ring modulator, but the inventor of many other important circuits, who first thought of using it in music systems and designed an example of it. The first versions had inputs with 2 audio transformers and 4 diodes installed in a ring configuration for the ring modulator.

The module is 10 hp. It is hand-assembled with very high-quality through-hole components. The transformers used in the XFMR Ring Modulator are Tamura brand transformers with very high quality and flat response. There are two separate transformers at the input and output. Also, the input and output voltages are calibrated according to our system and eurorack systems.

Input and output have a headroom of 10Vpp. Unlike the original design, the module is not passive but active (buffered). The XFMR Ring Modulator has a Carrier input and input attenuator, an Output and its attenuator, a Modulator CV input and its attenuator. The lights on the panel show the exact phase of the modulation. The gain setting you choose on the input signals will change and affect the sound of the XFMR Ring Modulator. It will also affect and change the harmonics generated by the attenuator to reduce the amount of modulation. There is also an offset knob for ring modulation. Here you can change the zero point of the modulation, direct and shape the modulation.

At Vaemi, we have revived this old construction technique by creating the XFMR Ring Modulator as an active ring modulator with a transformer.

- Tamura Input and Output Transformers
- Active Ring Modulator Design
- Illuminated Design to Track the Phase of Modulation


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