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monolith, torus, uni and dizygote are among raw yaw media most popular products.

News from the Labs

raw yaw media
21 Nov 2023 raw yaw media
A new red means recording video for raw yaw media products is out now! https://youtu.be/JCZb3XAWZ1I?si=FmgECuYrwfdtM-xg 
raw yaw media torus
28 Oct 2023 raw yaw media
Torus is now available in America at Patchwerks! https://www.patchwerks.com/collections/raw-yaw-media/products/raw-yaw-media-torus-harmonic-looper Discussions for stocking in European markets are also underway. 
raw yaw media monolith
15 Jan 2023 raw yaw media
Monolith.0.0.2-beta.1.bin firmware is now live. https://github.com/rawyawmedia/eurorack/tree/main/firmware 
raw yaw media dizygote
7 Sep 2022 raw yaw media
A dizygote and monolith archive stream is now available on twitch.tv thanks to Patchwerks! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1580073097 
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raw yaw media

fm reverb

$309 MSRP


raw yaw media

a-side/b-side digital oscillator

$229 MSRP


raw yaw media

big knob

$89 MSRP