Apollo View Modular

Apollo View Modular

We are an independent, boutique, Eurorack manufacturer from the South East of England.

Our aim is to produce high-quality, handmade, easy-to-use modules that provide synth enthusiasts, sound designers and artists with the creative tools for their productions.

We only source and use high-quality components to ensure each Apollo View module has a long and colourful life.

We have a heritage in techno, electro and UK bass music production and still make music under the Apollo View name. Apollo View Modular was born to provide the tools required to generate rich, textured electronic music, focusing on fun and musicality.

Rabbit Hole, Curiouser, Allscillator, IOU and CanCan are among Apollo View Modulars most popular products.

News from the Labs

Apollo View Modular Allscillator
26 Nov 2022 Apollo View Modular
Apollo View releases the new Allscillator analogue VCO. Which features 8 simultaneously available waveforms, including a unique Square Sine, Shartook, PWM Saw, and a choice of three Sub octave outputs. With PWM, Exponential FM, Linear FM and 3 types of sync, it squeezes a lot of functionality out of 10HP. 

Rabbit Hole

Apollo View Modular

16HP summing mixer with characterful valve saturation & distortion.

$389 MSRP


Apollo View Modular

6HP expander for Rabbit Hole.

$169 MSRP


Apollo View Modular

All analogue VCO with 8 simulatenously available waveforms

$375 MSRP


Apollo View Modular

Invert Offset Utility – Control CV and Audio with Precision

$133 MSRP


Apollo View Modular

Two Premium Headphone Preamps

$275 MSRP