Infrasonic Audio

Infrasonic Audio designs and builds Eurorack modules and other electronically musical stuff. Founded in 2022, we are a one-person operation based in Colorado, USA.

Warp Core and WC:EX are among Infrasonic Audios most popular products.

News from the Labs

Infrasonic Audio Warp Core
2 Feb 2024 Infrasonic Audio
A limited restock of Warp Core is now available! For a limited time also get 25% off WC:EX EG/VCA expander for Warp Core if you buy them both together in the same checkout. 

Warp Core

Infrasonic Audio

Phase Distortion Oscillator

$375 MSRP


Infrasonic Audio

Warp Core EG/VCA Expander

$80 MSRP