NOH-modular is an electronic instrument brand run by me, Nicolas Viale. I'm a musician and maker from the south of France focused on modular synthesis.
The modules proposed aim to match and support my musical practices while being performative and space efficient.

Pianist and CYCLES are among NOH-modulars most popular products.

News from the Labs

NOH-modular Pianist
5 Feb 2024 NOH-modular
Introducing the Pianist, a complex voiced chord sequencer! It sequences chords using v/oct with up to 8-note of polyphony you can choose from. The module also has alternative modes to make it compatible with Chord v2 (Qu-Bit Electronix) and Plaits (Mutable Instruments) in their chord modes! The NOH-modular Pianist is available at Signal Sounds right now! More info about the module here - Thanks :) 



Quad LFO with Individual and Mixed Outputs

$105 MSRP



Voiced Chord Sequencer

$445 MSRP