Noisy machines for music lovers.

Clatters is the direct consequence of the union of two musicians’ wishes: the look for an instrument that meets one’s needs and the desire for something musical with a perfect good-looking design. This leads to a meticulous process of design and fabrication. The result consists of a perfect blend between sounds and forms. All our products are entirely hand-assembled and soldered. This of course implies high production times for small stock quantities, but we can ensure you, the waiting time will be worth it!

Sibilla, Garden Listener and ICSn are among Clatters most popular products.

News from the Labs

Clatters Sibilla
4 Feb 2024 Clatters
Sibilla v1.2 is here! The new firmware is now available on our GitHub page. More details here: 
Clatters Sibilla
19 Dec 2023 Clatters
Sibilla now comes with anodised brushed aluminum panels in black and silver colours! Climb your mountain of interferences: 

Garden Listener


Random control messages generator from biometric signals

$292 MSRP



Chainable buffered multiple

$94 MSRP



DSP digital stereo oscillator/drone machine

$421 MSRP