Voltage Controlled Filter

The VCF-74 (MK1) is a 14HP analog voltage controlled filter in Eurorack format, by Vintage Synth Lab

VCF-74 features a dual analog highpass and lowpass filter, cascaded (series, from HP > LP). The discrete diode filter circuit is inspired by the 1970s Univox Mini-Korg synthesizer's "Traveler" filter section which provides warm, organic sound to your modular system. A stage boost switch allows you to drive the 2nd filter section (Low-Pass) with a +5.3dB signal boost from the High-Pass output signal. Independent manual resonance controls per filter section allows you to fine-tune a wide variety of focused sound. Input and Output level controls allow you to optimize dynamic range, including how hard you drive the filter--which drastically changes the dynamic interplay between signal and harmonic resonance. Both High-Pass and Low-Pass circuits have independent "offset" controls that will allow for fine tuning of each filter's cutoff. The VCF-74 can be set up as a Low-Pass, High-Pass, or Band-Pass filter. Width of the Band-Pass can be adjusted by simply dialing in the offset controls appropriately.


  • 42 mA +12V
  • 48 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • Ø 4.50 (4 Votes) Average Rating

This Module is discontinued.

$249 Price in €
14 HP Filter
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