CV/Gate Sequencer

Inputs and Outputs:
- 8 V/oct CV Output
- 8 Trigger / Gate Output
- Reset Input
- External Clock Input (configurable. i.e: can be used as a clock divider / multiplier)
- Aux Output (configurable)
- Clock Output (configurable. i.e: can be used as a clock divider / multiplier)
- 2 CV Input (assignable to different parameters)
Main Features:
- Pattern length independent for each track and pattern
- Gate probability independent for each step
. Tie gates ( for gate durations longer than a step)
- CV, CV Variation Probability, and CV Variation Probability Range adjustable for each step or track.
- Gate Length, Gate Varition Probability, and Gate Variation Probability Range adjustable for each step or track.
- Ratcheting Type, Ratcheting Type probability, and Ratcheting Variation probability adjustable for each step or track.
- Tempo and shuffle adjust
- CV Outputs quantizable in tone / scale
- Different step modes ( forward, backward, ping pong, step repeat, track clock divider ...) independent for each track and pattern.
- Fill in mode (pressing the track button will increase a desired amount of probability of any of the parameters).
- Quantized Live recording (Cvs and Gates)
- Song Mode with song parts (For arranging patterns)
- LFO Mode (not yet implemented)
. MOD Mode (not yet implemented)
- Mute Mode
- Possibility to unlink Gates and CVs
- Tracks can be de-attached from master track to allow polyrythms
- Integrated microSD card reader to save projects, do back ups of your projects, and have different cards with different sets.
- Open Source - the program can be modified using the Arduino IDE and a USB cable.
- and more...

  • 170 mA +12V
  • 50 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 35 mm deep
  • Ø 4.67 (15 Votes) Average Rating

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38 HP Sequencer
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